The Fastest Way to Find the Right Hotel Near an Atlanta MARTA Station

map of hotels near Atlanta marta stationsAtlanta Hotel Myth: “Downtown is Always Expensive”
The average cost of a standard room in downtown Atlanta is about $175. But there are many hotels for less than this. In fact, there is even one hotel with free paring in downtown Atlanta. Travelers willing to spend about $150 and deal with parking fees should be able to find a good hotel. Travelers who want more impressive saving will find hotels for under $100 outside downtown at several MARTA stations.

Atlanta Hotel Myth: “There are Several Hotels Near Airport MARTA Station”
There is only one hotel near the airport that is within walking distance to the MARTA and near the airport. This hotel also provides a shuttle to and from the airport. Staying near the airport and walking to the MARTA is doable, but there is only one hotel choice and the area around the airport isn’t of hotels near marta arrow

Hotels Outside of Atlanta Near MARTA Stations

hotels outside of atlanta near martaStaying outside of Atlanta near a MARTA station nearly always means getting more bang for your buck. Rates at many of the popular chain hotels are discounted outside the city. Travelers looking for a bed and breakfast will be happy to know there is one within walking distance to the MARTA. Whether your coming down I-85, west from I-75, east from I-20, or south up I-85 we can help you find the right hotel outside of Atlanta near the MARTA.

Best Hotel Near Downtown MARTA Stations

hotels near downtown atlanta martaThere are five MARTA stations in downtown Atlanta. Downtown Atlanta is about the 10 X 10 blocks. Therefore, once you are in downtown it is pretty easy to get around by foot. With so many downtown hotel choices this page will help you find the right hotel near a downtown MARTA no matter what type of stay. Families, couples traveling in groups, and small groups will appreciate some of the luxury apartment / hotel hybrids available in downtown Atlanta.

Best Hotel Near Buckhead MARTA

hotels near buckhead marta stationBuckhead is an urban satellite area of Atlanta. It is home to affluent professionals and high rises. There are plenty of restaurants and nightlife options near the Buckhead MARTA. Don’t expect to find much in savings over downtown. There is one hotel with free parking in Buckhead. See our article for a complete breakdown of the best hotels near the Buckhead MARTA.

Hotels Near Atlanta Airport & MARTA

hotels near atlanta airport & martaThere is only one hotel that offers a shuttle to the Atlanta airport and is within walking distance to the MARTA. That is Hotel Indigo at the College PARK station. This is one station north of the airport terminal station. Rates average less than $130 on weekdays. Learn more about this hotel near the Atlanta airport and MARTA station.

Cheapest Hotels Near MARTA Stations

cheap hotels near atlanta martaIt is easy to find a hotel in Atlanta for under $100 per night within walking distance to the MARTA. There several stations northeast of Atlanta that have affordable rates near the MARTA. For those that want to stay in downtown Atlanta the average cost of a hotel is $175 per night. There are several options below that price point. Hotels near the Buckhead and Midtown MARTA stations are not much cheaper than downtown hotels. Find the best cheap hotels near the MARTA here.

Hotels With Free Parking Near MARTA Stations

hotels near marta with free parkingLooking for a hotel with free parking near the MARTA? There are two hotels with free parking in downtown Atlanta. There are no hotels with free parking in Midtown at the Arts Center, Midtown or North Ave. station. There is one hotel with free parking in Buckhead. Just about all other MARTA stations with hotels nearby have at least one hotel that offers free parking. Find them all with our help.

Hotels Near MARTA Stations that Allow Pets

pet friendly hotels near martaSeeking a hotel for you and your four legged friend? There are a few hotels near Atlanta MARTA stations that allow pets for no extra charge. A majority of all hotels either don’t allow pets or have high cleaning fees. Use our map of all pet friendly hotels near the MARTA stations to find the perfect accommodations for your trip to Atlanta.