What is the MARTA? / Where Does it Go?

MARTA Stations With Hotels ThumbClick the Map Thumb to the Left to See All MARTA Stations with Hotels. The MARTA is a rapid transit system that services Atlanta. Trains arrive at the stations in 20 minutes intervals. During rush hour this pace is accelerated to trains every 10 minutes. The MARTA does not operate 24/7. Hours of operates during weekdays are 4:45AM to 1:00AM. During weekends trains don’t begin until 6:00AM. Its smart to consider being at a MARTA station before midnight in order to be sure you will not get stranded. The MARTA connects with Atlanta’s international airport and travel time to downtown is about 20 minutes. Fairs are $2.50 for one trip, and $5.00 for round trip. The fairs are standardized for any ride durations. Kids under 46″ ride free. The MARTA does not connect directly with Turner Field, a shuttle is needed to get from the West End station to the ballpark. The Georgia Dome connects at Vine City. The MARTA creates several opportunities for staying at a hotel outside Atlanta, but still have easy access to the city.

Best Hotels Outside of Atlanta Near MARTA Stations

Atlanta is blessed with many affordable hotel options that sit near I-285 the beltway surrounding the entire metropolitan area. This makes finding a hotel outside of Atlanta easy and effective. In addition, most of the hotels outside of Atlanta are very affordable, with several choices below $90 per night. The Station of Sandy Springs or Dunwoody is N of Atlanta and is ideal for driving coming down either I-85 or I-75. The Microtel Inn & Suites has an average per night rate of $65. This is the cheapest hotel outside of Atlanta near the MARTA. The Comfort Inn just 3 blocks from the Doraville has average rates of $85 per night. This hotel was commonly rated as very good to excellent. Wifi is free, so it parking and a free breakfast buffet is served daily. One of the most unique options for staying outside of Atlanta near the MARTA is the Mileybright Farmhouse bed and breakfast. Rates are about $125 per night and of course breakfast is served every morning for free. The Kensington MARTA platform is a short block away.

Hotels with Free Parking Near MATRA

There are 76 hotels within four blocks of a MARTA station in Atlanta. FREE Parking is available at only 21 of these hotels. Luckily though, most major stations have at least one hotel that offers free parking. As for those looking for a place to stay in downtown Atlanta near the MARTA the only option is the economy minded Motel 6. Further north in Buckhead the Hyatt Place offers free parking, were as none of its competitors nearby do. Surprisingly this is also one of the most affordable hotels in Buckhead. Most stations beyond these two location are on the MARTA’s perimeter stations. If you and a loved one are looking for something more interesting than a hotel chain, the Mileybright Farmhouse is the only bed and breakfast just steps from the MARTA that offers free parking and is about 5 minutes from I-285. Travelers coming from the north on I-75 or I-85 will find plenty of affordable hotels at Sandy Springs or Dunwoody. This is a suburban setting with many chain hotels.

Cheap Hotel Near the MARTA

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Hotels Near Buckhead MARTA Stations

Buckhead station is home to a plethora of hotel chains and a few high end luxury hotels. The Lenox Mall is 2 blocks from the station, and several restaurants are bars are close by to all the hotels. The best value can be found at the Hyatt Place. This is the second cheapest hotel in the area that is within four blocks of the Buckhead MARTA. Rates at the Hyatt Place average $170 on weekdays and $115 in weekends. The hotel is a four block walk down the storefront lined Peachtree Rd, and the hotel provides a shuttle if walking to the MARTA is not an option. The cheapest hotel is the Embassy Suites, but like most other hotels wifi and parking are charged for. This makes the Hyatt Place the best choice. Breakfast is also free here, but only served on weekends. There is a small gym and an outdoor pool. Guests usually leave positive reviews making this the default hotel to examine first overall other in Buckhead.

Hotels Near Downtown MARTA Stations

The MARTA stations of Five Points, Peachtree, CNN, and Civic Center are the stations within the confines of downtown Atlanta. There are nearly 15 hotels within four blocks of any of the above stations. The cheapest hotel in downtown Atlanta is the Motel 6 along I-85 four blocks from the Peachtree MARTA. Rates here are about $70 per night and a majority of reviews are good to excellent. This is the only hotel that offers free parking downtown and wifi is also free. Those less willing to take a chance on an economy motel have every other major hotel chain at their disposal. Rates at one of the major hotel chains average between $135 to $150 during weekends or weeknights. Guests should expect to pay for parking and wifi. The all-around best choice is the Holiday Inn adjacent to Olympic Park and two blocks from the Peachtree MARTA station. Wifi is free, so is a breakfast buffet of hot and cold items. Parking is $15. A ride from the airport to downtown is about 15 to 20 minutes.

Hotels Near Midtown, Arts Center & North Ave MARTA Stations

These MARTA stations are only several blocks from one another. The area hosts a variety of cultural attractions as well as the Piedmont park. These are urban neighborhoods made up residential high rises. I-75 borders the neighborhoods, and across from I-75 is Georgia Tech. The best hotel is the Artmore near the Arts Center BART, not only are rates the lowest in the area, but reviews are outstanding for this boutique style hotel. Weekend rates average $137 and weekday rates average $127. Parking at hotels is paid and anticipate being charged between $20 and $30, breakfast is available at the hotel restaurant, but not included. A runner up to the Artsmore is the Regency Suites or Hotel Indigo near the North Avenue MARTA. Rates average $150 to $160 per night.

Hotels Near Dunwoody / Sandy Springs Stations

The Sandy Springs and Dunwoody MARTA stations sit north of the Atlanta at high noon on the beltway. These stations are surrounded by corporate offices and shopping malls. It’s possible to get around on foot, but for most of the hotels and for most people driving to the MARTA platform is going to be the most comfortable option. Parking is free at all but two of the hotels. This area hosts a number of suite style hotels setup for longer stays. The cheapest was Microtel Inn & Suites. Rates here averaged $65 per night and amenities include free wifi, and outdoor pool, small gym, and free cold item grab-n-go breakfast. Guests usually rated the Microtel as good to excellent. Travelers looking for a hotel with a restaurant and all around more upscale accommodations will have to choose between the Marriott or Embassy Suites. Both charge for parking, the Marriott offers free wifi while the Embassy Suites does not. The Embassy Suites is often cheaper.

Hotels Near MARTA that Allow Pets

The MARTA only allows pets on board that are small and confined to a cage. Those looking for pet friendly accommodation near the MARTA stations have several options. Hotels typically have one of three pet polices; they don’t allow pets, allow them, or allow them with a cleaning fee or weight restriction. There are 39 hotels near Atlanta MARTA stations that allow pets and 12 of these hotels allow pets for a cleaning fee below $25 (per night). Twelve Centennial Park Hotel and Aloft near the downtown MARTA stations of Peachtree or Civic center allow pets but have weight restrictions. Aloft is 40lbs. Centennial Park is 25lbs. While an expensive hotel the Four Season at Art Center allows pets with no restrictions and the La Quinta near Dunwoody station north along I-85 allows pets with no restrictions or mention of a cleaning fee.

Hotels Near Brookhaven MARTA Station

Extended Stay America is right off the MARTA platform at the Brookhaven/Oglethorpe station NW of downtown Atlanta. Rates here average $95 per night and that is more affordable than the nearby hotels at the Buckhead MARTA station were rates average at least $150 on weekdays. In terms of the surroundings, Extended Stay sits on the busy Peachtree Rd. Casual dining options are a short drive away, and a Starbucks is within walking distance. This area is suburbia. Guests will get free wifi, free parking and a free cold item grab-n-go breakfast. There is an outdoor pool and small gym. A ride on the MARTA into downtown will take about 30 minutes, I-85 is about 10 minutes away. Guests had mixed opinions about the hotel.

Hotels Near College Park / Airport MARTA Station

The College Park MARTA station is one stop shy of the airport. Hotel Indigo is the only hotel close to the airport that is also within walking distance to the MARTA. Hotel Indigo offers a shuttle to the airport so guests can take the MARTA back to the hotel, then use the MARTA or shuttle for accessing the airport. Reviews on Hotel Indigo are overwhelmingly positive, and rates average $130 on weekdays while weekend rates slip to about $100 per night. Outside of getting to and from the hotel the surrounding area leaves much to be desired. There is a restaurant and bar inside the hotel. Wifi is free and parking is not offered. A ride on the MARTA to downtown will take about 15 minutes. All in all great choice for airport access, but not much else is appealing about this location.

Hotels Near Decatur MARTA Station

The Courtyard, or Super 8 motel are the two hotel options near the Decatur MARTA. The area directly around the MARTA is a small urban neighborhood with a variety of local bars, and casual dining options. Of the two hotels Courtyard is closer to the MARTA by about 2 blocks. The Courtyard is substantially more expensive than the nearby Super 8. Rates average $175 during weekends or weeknights at the Courtyard while at Super 8 rates average $65. The Super 8 is a motel setup were doors open to the outdoors. Guests often rated this motel as good to very good, and guests will get additional savings because the Super 8 offers free parking as well as a free breakfast each morning. Parking at the Courtyard is $8 per day, and there is an indoor pool. At the Courtyard a vast majority of online reviews are positive. Travelers particular about their hotel should look into the Courtyard, travelers with modest expectations might start with the Super 8. MARTA ride time into downtown is 15 minutes.

Hotels Near Doraville MARTA Station

The Comfort Inn is a short 3 block walk to the Doraville MARTA just off I-85. The surrounding area is suburbia. A number of casual dining options are a short drive from the hotel. The Doravile MARTA is at the end of the yellow line, NE of downtown Atlanta. Anticipate spending 40 minutes to get into downtown, and another 20 to access the airport. Rates at the Comfort Inn average $85 on weekends or weeknights and a majority of guests rated the hotel as very good. The hotel offers a shuttle which will transport guests to the MARTA. Parking is free, so is wifi, plus a hot and cold breakfast buffet is provided each morning. There is an outdoor pool, and pets up to 25lbs are welcome for a $25 cleaning fee. All in all, if you are traveling up or down I-85 and want to stay outside Atlanta at an affordable rate the Comfort Inn fits the bill.

Hotels Near Kensington MARTA Station

The Kensington MARTA station sits east of the city in suburbia and is home to something unique. That is a bed and breakfast within walking distance to the MARTA. The Mileybright Farmhouse is a short 2 blocks from the Kensington station platform. Rates average $130 on weekends or weekdays. Reviews are overwhelming positive. There is wifi in the house, and parking is free. The surrounding area is residential. Anticipate spending 40 minutes to ride to the airport, and about 20 minutes riding into downtown. With close proximity to I-285 (beltway), pleasant suburban surroundings and competitive rates the Mileybright Farmhouse is a good choice for travelers who want a bed and breakfast with easy access to the city.

Hotels Near Vine City MARTA Station

The Castleberry Inn & Suites is 4-5 blocks from the Vine City MARAT Station. Rates average a little above $90 for weekend or weeknight stays. The hotel sits just off the Clark Atlanta University campus and the hotel is surrounded by student housing. A walk to downtown is doable, but by no means convenient. Staying here will save you about $100 over nearby hotels closer to downtown. The Castleberry Inn offers FREE parking, in addition to free wifi. A grab-n-go cold item only breakfast buffet is offered on weekends. There is no shuttle offered, or a pool. There is a small gym, no pets and smoking rooms are available. Online reviews present a mixed options about the hotel. Considering the proximity to downtown without downtown price this is a good hotel for savings when attending an event at the George Dome.